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Welcome to Yamuna Expressway

The Yamuna Expressway (erstwhile Taj Expressway) Project is conceived with the idea to not only reduce the travel time between New Delhi and Agra but also to open up avenue for Industrial and Urban development of the region and provide the base for convergence to tourism and other allied industries.

The Yamuna Expressway (erstwhile Taj Expressway) Project road passes through virgin land by the side of River Yamuna which is comparatively thinly populated, there being no problem of rehabilitation. Hence least disturbance will take place to the local population.


Length 165.537 Km
Right of Way 100m
Number of Lane 6 Lanes extendable to 8 lanes
Type of Pavement Rigid (Concrete)
Structures Â
Interchange 7
Main Toll Plaza 3
Toll Plaza on Interchange Loop 7
Underpass 35
Rail Over Bridge 1
Major Bridge 1
Minor Bridge 42
Cart Track Crossing 68
Culverts 204

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